So Richie Shaffer Has Been on Five Different Teams This Offseason

Tampa Bay. Seattle. Philadelphia. Cincinnati. Cleveland. You might think this is the beginning to the worst planned trip across America ever. But no, that’s the list of teams Richie Shaffer has been on just this offseason.

Shaffer, 25, was the Rays minor league player of the year in 2015 and regarded as a mid-level prospect. He was traded to the Mariners in November who then designated him for assignment in December to make room for Chris Heston. He scooped by the Phillies as a result, but a week later they needed room for newly acquired Clay Buchholz which resulted in Shaffer being DFA’d again. He was picked up by the Reds, but by the time the calendar hit the end of January the Reds needed to clear room as well, this time for Scott Feldman.

The Indians acquired Shaffer, and the young slugger will likely start the season in AAA. After 6,703 miles of moving, it would appear that Shaffer is set to stay put for now considering Cleveland’s questionable depth in the outfield. Of course, if the Indians decide to sign, oh I don’t know, Angel Pagan, Shaffer could be on the move once again.

If I’m Shaffer, I’m not embarrassed that I’ve been cycled through teams like batting practice baseballs. However, I’m a little concerned about the quality of player that led to each of my designations. Chris Heston had a double digit ERA last year after only pitching in four games out of the bullpen. Scott Feldman is that pitcher that everyone hates drafting in their fantasy leagues but he has to be drafted because he somehow gets a starting role most seasons. The only decent player is Clay Buchholz, but he has the potential to be basically the worst starter in the league.







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