David Price May Have To Start Season On DL

Just remember, Red Sox fans, this could’ve been much worse. From the Boston Herald:

The starter has lost enough strength in his arm to where he is weaker than he was when he reported to spring training, the team said today. And until he regains that strength, he cannot begin — never mind ramp up — his throwing program.

With fewer than two weeks to go before the season begins, Price’s absence is going to stretch at least into mid-to-late April. If his arm does not begin to rebound in the coming days, Price’s absence could even stretch into May.

David Price has not been the best acquisition so far for Boston. He didn’t have the dominant season we’ve become accustomed to in 2016 and now he’s dealing with an injury that might keep him out until May. Though he’ll still be asked to do a lot, Price will have some pressure relieved after the acquisition of Chris Sale.

Price has not even started his throwing program, which presents a bit of a problem considering he throws baseballs for a living. Unless he starts playing long toss tomorrow, there’s really no way he’ll be ready by mid-April.


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