Team USA is Here to Take Baseball Back

America is here to bring back the game that used to belong to us. I mean, we still want all the other players because they’re super good but we just want to be the best when it comes down to it. Last night Team USA defeated Japan 2-1 in a matchup full of tension. Here’s the last out courtesy of

This really had it all. Luke Gregerson is probably the most American-looking pitcher I’ve ever seen, and gave a fist pump for the ages. I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed but his mechanics make him look like he’s throwing with the opposite hand. Also love Jim Leyland just giving the old ballplayer handshake to his players after they advanced to the finals for the first time in American history. Classy, classy guy.

What I love about this is it was a good ole-fashioned gritty win. The winning run was scored on a weak ground ball to the third baseman. If he had fielded the ball cleanly Brandon Crawford would’ve been dead to rights at home, but that’s just not how the ball bounces sometimes in baseball. That’s pretty much how we scored all our runs in college (shoutout DU Stars).

The only downside to the final game tonight is that I’m completely torn between my country and my team-crush. If the World Baseball Classic is going to survive it’s going to be because of the spark the Puerto Rico has given it. As Americans, I’m pretty confident in saying that we want Puerto Rico to have success but not too much success. So Team USA winning in a game that has all the flash in the world would be a perfect scenario for the WBC.

Team USA will send Marcus Stroman to the bump tonight to face off against the team that lit him up a week ago. The game is on MLB Network starting at 9 ET. Don’t complain about it not being on ESPN or something, if you don’t have the sports package in your cable plan just get off my website.

Quick note to every other country. If we had guys like Trout, Harper, Bryant, Rizzo, Sale and Kershaw we wouldn’t have lost a game. Yes, WE. I’m a part of this team.



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