Team USA Defeats Puerto Rico to Win First World Baseball Classic

Well that was just about as anti-climactic as they come. Last night Team USA destroyed Puerto Rico 8-0. Yes, I hopped on the Team USA bandwaggon and was hoping for a win, but I also wanted Puerto Rico to at least stay in it so we could see some drama between two charismatic teams.

I guess I shouldn’t have expected much since Ian Kinsler and his accountant-like demeanor opened up the scoring for the US. Does he even enjoy playing baseball? I’ve seen people more excited while picking up dog shit. That business feeling carried the emotion level throughout the game. Puerto Rico never really threatened to come back and USA continued to capitalize on their poor pitching.

Marcus Stroman provided some flair in the form of six hitless innings and the occasional stare into the opposing dugout, but since PR couldn’t mount a comeback the jabbering never received a response. That had potential too, considering Stroman could’ve played for PR given his mom is originally from there. But nope. That sinker that Stroman was throwing is basically an unhittable pitch when it’s on. He also won the WBC MVP, so there’s that.

My biggest gripe is probably with the ending. That was the lamest celebration I’ve ever seen. Every single player was like “yay we won, now do we jump around like it’s an important game or do we just take our gold and go home?” It actually made me physically uncomfortable. I turned it off. The worst part is that it started out awesome with Eric Hosmer doing a superman thing and Adam Jones underlining the ‘USA’ on the his jersey. But then Johnathan Lucroy and David Robertson ruined it with their awkward hug. If you want to get pissed off at the lack of excitement, here’s the last out.

For the survival of the WBC, Team USA winning was a good thing. We’re like a group of five year olds that don’t pay attention to something unless it goes exactly how we want it to. I’ll admit it. I was completely out initially on the WBC until America started winning. Then I started watching all the other countries have tons of fun and really got into it, and the USA versus Dominican Republic was the peak of a tournament full of impressive stuff.

At worst, it gave us something else to pay attention to other than the crap play and negativity in the form of injuries that spring training produces. At best, it may have finally put baseball in the spotlight for international competition.


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