Roughned Odor and Rangers Agree to Extension

The Texas Rangers have agreed to a contract extension with their star second baseman Roughned Odor.

The Texas Rangers have reached an agreement with Rougned Odor on a six-year extension worth $49.5 million, sources confirmed to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick on Saturday.

I can only assume this offer came from the Rangers because they’re completely intimidated by Odor. Roughned became a sensation last season after socking Jose Bautista right in the jaw. It was possibly the cleanest punch ever landed on a baseball field.

Roughned’s brother Roughned (yup, same name) also got suspended last season for what basically sounds like jerking off another teammate as part of a hazing ritual. So it’s pretty established that the Odors are slightly insane. Even when he’s joking around it’s super aggressive. Watch him throw water in Felix Hernandez’s face as if he’s trying to blind the King:

So yeah, if I’m the Rangers I tell him he can have all the money he wants.

Be sure to get your Rangers tickets this year so you can see Roughned Odor blast more people in the face.


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