Indians GM’s Son Blows Dad’s Secret About Extending Lindor

Honestly, can kids do anything right? Brody Chernoff, son of Tribe GM Mike Chernoff, gave up some news about a possible Francisco Lindor extension while on the air with Tom Hamilton:

Safe to say Brody won’t be following in his pop’s footsteps. If you’re going to be a GM you need to start keeping secrets and lying at a young age. He should’ve said something like “you know, dad is always talking to people and discussing initiatives to improve the team so I can’t really give any specific examples.” Nice and vague, not revealing at all.

Also, can we talk about this slippery slope that Hamilton is apparently not afraid of exploring? Although his question to Brody was harmless, he comes off as a complete creep trying to get information from a GM’s unaware kid. Not to mention Brody cites an example of his dad staying up until 2 AM before they even talk about Lindor.

If other children of MLB execs start speaking in public it could get real depressing real fast. “Daddy hasn’t been home for three weeks because he says he needs to make a move before the trade deadline.” “Dad said the media doesn’t know what they’re talking about when they say he doesn’t know what he’s doing and should be fired.” Next thing you know instead of Dusty Baker be able to use his kid as a shield the media will be asking the poor child questions about why his dad doesn’t believe in math.


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