Apparently the MLB Never Had an Official Hot Dog Partnership For Some Reason

Count me as someone who didn’t realize that the sport known for hot dogs didn’t have a hot dog deal until today.

MLB announced today that Nathan’s Famous Inc., the fast-food chain that started as a Coney Island stand in 1916, will be the league’s official hot dog, putting the wiener alongside other sponsorship categories including lawn care, cloud storage and insurance.

“A game doesn’t feel complete without enjoying a hot dog,” Wayne Norbitz, a Nathan’s executive board member, said in a statement.

Whenever I go to a game I try to plan ahead and see how much I’m going to spend because poor people have to do that. When doing so, I always include the cost of a hot dog and a beer because I’m American. I know MLB stadiums have their own separate hot dog deals, but how has the MLB as a league not nailed down an agreement with a wiener vendor until now?

This is like the NFL not having an official beer partnership or the NHL not having a Tim Hortons partnership. I can’t believe I’ve gone through my entire life not hearing “brought to you by the official hot dog of Major League Baseball.” It’s just bad business.


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