Depth Chart Deep Dive: Chicago White Sox

This is our series of deep dives on depth charts for each team in the MLB. I use the term ‘deep dive’ very loosely as I examine specific questions for each team because that will allow me to do as little research as possible. Thanks for reading, make sure to click on the ads or at least view them a handful of times 🙂


The White Sox have fully committed to rebuilding their roster from the top down. They traded lefty stud Chris Sale for top prospects Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech and two other lower level prospects. They shipped Adam Eaton for Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez, both of whom are considered top prospect arms. Yet, for as mediocre as the Sox have been since winning the World Series in 2005, they still have more assets to trade.

Jose Quintana is the big chip they have left. It’s all but assured Quintana will be gone by the trade deadline for a hefty haul. Todd Frazier could be a trade target by someone wanting a little more pop in their lineup, but he’ll have to eclipse the .200 mark in batting average to be relevant which isn’t always an easy task for him. David Robertson is another arm they could move to a contending team, though he’ll need to bounce back from a down 2016. Jose Abreu should be another domino to fall, but a player with his skill set is becoming less valuable in the league.


As far as players on the current roster who will be there when the Sox are relevant again, look no further than Carlos Rodon and Tim Anderson. Rodon has not lived up to his draft position, yet an encouraging second half of 2016 gave the Sox a peak at what his potential is. However, he comes into 2017 hurt and will have to play catch up once the season starts.

Tim Anderson received a contract extension just a couple weeks ago from the Sox. That’s a lot of trust to put into a player that hasn’t been in the Bigs long enough for the league to adjust to him. Given he rarely ever walks he’ll likely have a major adjustment period in 2017. I’m also not personally convinced he’s a league-average defensive shortstop, but what the hell do I know.

After those two, you have a litany of youngish players who are just looking to prove that they belong in the MLB. Avisail Garcia is a huge disappointment and arguably has one season left to prove he’s a starter. Other guys like Leury Garcia, Tyler Saladino, Jacob May, Matt Davidson and Yolmer Sanchez are likely nothing but backups on a good team, if that.


Given the White Sox are known for rushing their youth to the Bigs, I wouldn’t put MLB debuts out of reach for any of their top prospects. You could see Moncada, Kopech, Giolito, Lopez and Zack Burdi join the roster before the season is over. The only top guy I doubt they’ll push is Zack Collins. If they want him to catch, better to develop his game in the minors where he’ll be given every opportunity to prove he’s a catcher.


If you’re a Sox fan, you should be hoping for a very small number.



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