World Series Odds – Who We Like

As we all know, there’s absolutely no way gambling can be a negative part of your life. It’s a great form of second income and adds more entertainment to sports in general. With that, I’ve picked out a few teams who I like as a possibility to cash in big time with a World Series win.

Houston Astros (14-1)

I’m only recommending them now because I think their odds are going to get less friendly once the season is in full swing. They’re already a darling to a lot of people and if they get off to a hot start there will be a lot of bandwagon jumpers. Personally, I don’t think they have the horses up front in the rotation. Also, the regular season has absolutely nothing to do with the postseason.

Colorado Rockies (40-1)

If you get this lineup in the playoffs, who knows. This team is full of mashers and would be explosive offensively even if they didn’t play in the mountains. In the NL against opponents who won’t have as much pop as them (except the Cubs), you better believe that altitude is a significant home field advantage.

Pittsburgh Pirates (50-1)

Andrew McCutchen is due for a bounce back season (I think) and the rest of their lineup hasn’t changed that much. There’s no reason the Pirates can’t compete for a Wild Card spot. Once they get in, they have a guy who they can ride all the way through the World Series in Gerrit Cole. His arm might fall off, but at least you’ll be cashing in at 50-1.

Tampa Bay Rays (100-1)

Just hear me out. The Rays sneakily have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, and when it comes to the postseason you rely more on the arms than the bats. Obviously, getting there could be an issue with the AL East looking strong as always. I don’t think they’re actually going to make the playoffs, but if they do your 100-1 odds are looking pretty good.

STAY AWAY: Cleveland Indians (9-1)

Honestly the only reason I’m staying away from the Indians is because it’s too obvious. That’s about as far as my analysis goes when it comes to gambling. They added 30-40 home runs in Edwin Encarnacion and they’re coming into the season healthy, which they weren’t during their World Series run last season. Too easy, and the odds aren’t that great. Stay away.

Here is the full list of odds as of March 27th:

  • Boston Red Sox +450 (4.5-to-1)
  • Chicago Cubs +450 (4.5-to-1)
  • Cleveland Indians +900 (9-to-1)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +1000 (10-to-1)
  • San Francisco Giants +1100 (11-to-1)
  • Washington Nationals +1100 (11-to-1)
  • Houston Astros +1400 (14-to-1)
  • New York Mets +1400 (14-to-1)
  • St. Louis Cardinals +2200 (22-to-1)
  • Toronto Blue Jays +2200 (22-to-1)
  • Detroit Tigers +2500 (25-to-1)
  • New York Yankees +2500 (25-to-1)
  • Texas Rangers +2800 (28-to-1)
  • Baltimore Orioles +3300 (33-to-1)
  • Kansas City Royals +3300 (33-to-1)
  • Seattle Mariners +3300 (33-to-1)
  • Colorado Rockies +4000 (40-to-1)
  • Los Angeles Angels +4000 (40-to-1)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +5000 (50-to-1)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +7500 (75-to-1)
  • Atlanta Braves +7500 (75-to-1)
  • Miami Marlins +7500 (75-to-1)
  • Chicago White Sox +10000 (100-to-1)
  • Tampa Bay Rays +10000 (100-to-1)
  • Minnesota Twins +12500 (125-to-1)
  • Oakland Athletics +15000 (150-to-1)
  • Philadelphia Phillies +15000 (150-to-1)
  • San Diego Padres +15000 (150-to-1)
  • Cincinnati Reds +20000 (200-to-1)
  • Milwaukee Brewers +20000 (200-to-1)

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