Red Sox are Paying Two Players in Triple-A $21 Million

Bad money doesn’t mean much for a team like the Boston Red Sox. It doesn’t really put a dent in the wallet when they miss on free agents like it does for lower-payroll teams. Still, paying $21 million for two players to play on your Triple-A affiliate all year isn’t really something to strive for.

Allen Craig ($11MM) and Rusney Castillo ($10.5MM) aren’t exactly hurting for cash nowadays. Craig was acquired in a bad trade with the Cardinals¬†and Castillo was supposed to be the next Yoenis Cespedes (not so much). Both are not on the Red Sox 40-man roster. Their salaries will give the Pawtucket Red Sox the highest payroll ever for a Triple-A team.

I would imagine this doesn’t sit well in the old minor league clubhouse. Even the best career minor-league guys make around $2,000 per month. So when Rusney Castillo rolls up in his $84 million customized Porsche, his average joe teammates who might perform better than him on the field are probably wondering where the hell their life went wrong.


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