Junior Guerra Proof That Most Pitchers Can’t Do Anything Except Pitch

On Opening Day Junior Guerra was looking good despite giving up a bomb to Mark Reynolds. Then he stepped in the batter’s box and hurt himself because pitchers can’t do things besides throw a baseball off an elevated circle of dirt.

Guerra laid down a bunt in the bottom of the third inning and then strained his calf running down the first base line. I believe he took about a step and a half before his body was just like “Nope, this isn’t pitching” and gave out. He was then placed on the 10-day DL and seen on crutches after the game. Just makes me wonder why the DH isn’t universally accepted.

There are athletic pitchers out there, probably more now than there ever has been. But for every pitcher who can put one foot in front of the other there are two pitchers like Guerra or Jon Lester, who can put the baseball wherever he wants unless he’s not throwing to the catcher.

With Tommy John surgery infecting every organization, I can’t believe we aren’t reducing the possibility of these goofy beings called pitchers getting hurt on the field. Guerra shouldn’t have been in the box taking an at bat because that’s not what he’s paid to do. A pitcher’s body is already going through more strain than anyone on the field, so why can’t the National League get over this notion of thinking pitchers should have to hit as well?


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