Can We Start Pimping Intentional Walks?

The dumbass intentional walk rule, which the MLB claims will save a ton of time even though in reality most fans won’t even notice it, needs to be spiced up if it’s here to stay. Players are already complaining about it’s weirdness, and having watched a few I can say the awkwardness it provides really ruins the moment in a big inning.

So let’s embrace it. We’re finally starting to let players celebrate hitting a home run by tossing their bat to the heavens, so let’s get ahead of the curve and make these intentional walks more interesting. It’d be great to see someone like Bryce Harper walk from the on deck circle directly to first base when there’s men on second and third with no outs in the ninth. Or maybe he just sits there on deck without a bat, waiting to be intentionally walked because he knows he’s awesome.

When the walk happens, players should coordinate something with the bat boys who take their equipment before they trot to first. Maybe a cool bat toss with a behind the back catch from the bat boy is in order. Maybe after handing over the elbow guard some sort of celebratory handshake should take place. After all, there’s nothing more boss than celebrating the fact that a pitcher is afraid to throw baseballs to you.

Embrace the fun, people.


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