Alexei Ramirez Can Take Credit for the Donut and Mayo Sandwich

As a former chubby guy who is now in good shape but still enjoys gorging himself on super fat foods whenever possible, I can confidently say…this is gross:

“When we had [Ramirez’s] debut in Cleveland, his Major League debut, he pregamed with two Krispy Kremes with mayonnaise in between,” a smiling Hahn said before Monday’s White Sox season opener against the Tigers was rained out. “He put them together and enjoyed that for his pregame meal. So we’re not unaccustomed to the transition in his diet.”

Rick Hahn addressed this when discussing Yoan Moncada’s Twinkie obsession. It’s probably one of the grossest things I can think of. And that’s coming from a person who will routinely dunk his chicken fingers and french fries in a chocolate shake. Or use mac n’ cheese as a dip for Wavy Lays potato chips. I know my fat things, and this is one fat thing I can’t get on board with.

I mean, I’m probably going to try it. But still, gross.


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