Florida Gators Baseball Basically Got Called Out For Being Cowards

Some college called Stetson University was bending over the #7 team in all of college baseball, the Florida Gators. Then some rain came and the game didn’t count. According to Stetson, that’s exactly how the Gators wanted things to go:

The players were cleared from the field, but the Florida grounds crew did not immediately roll the tarp out. It was not until rain started falling heavily that the crew started to move toward the tarp. With the help of the Stetson coaches, the tarp was deployed at 8:40 p.m., 25 minutes into the delay.

At 9:55 p.m., Florida announced that the game would not be resumed and that no makeup would be scheduled. At that point, the rain had completely stopped falling.

I love it. Full support for Stetson here. Absolute savage move by whoever runs their website by putting this up on their schedule even though the game doesn’t exist.
Mountain View

The poking continued on Twitter:

Pretty incriminating that Florida hasn’t had a rebuttal. Talk about not taking your lumps like men. Quit relying on mother nature to take the blame. She’s already dealt with enough from Cleveland Indians fans, she doesn’t need those rabid Hatters fans on her as well.


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