When are the Mascots Going to Rise Up Against Noah Syndergaard?

I have tremendous respect for baseball mascots. These are people who make their living by being clowns in front of a stadium of people, sometimes dealing with triple digit heat while dancing around in a mobile sauna. I don’t know why Noah Syndergaard has to be such a dick to these guys.

First it was his own mascot. A playful back and forth with Mr. Met recently resulted in Syndergaard flipping the mascot the bird. Just complete disrespect for his home team mascot. Now this:

Look, saluting Mr. Met with the middle finger is one thing. But stealing the Philly Phanatic’s ride is quite another level of disrespect. There are just some mascots you don’t mess with. You take their polite mocking, which Curtis Granderson was doing, and you deal with it like a professional.

I hope Syndergaard wakes up to an army of mascots outside his door one day.


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