Cubs World Series Celebration Was Lame, But the Game’s Ending Wasn’t

Anyone else think this celebration was a little awkward? I support the Cubs trying to be different by having the players walk out of the outfield wall with the trophy as if they were emerging from the cornfields in Field of Dreams, but overall I feel like the players felt super weird. Maybe it’s because they’ve already started their 2017 campaign, so celebrating 2016 again is like restarting the season.

I guess I expected more. Normally teams just introduce players one-by-one and then show everyone the trophy like they’re saying “See this? You weren’t a part of this but you can pretend to be because your lives suck.” That’s basically what the Cubs did but in a slightly different manner. The highlight of the night was clearly Ben Zobrist’s wife singing God Bless America (sup) and admittedly that’s hard to top. The celebration and the game were also rain-delayed because Chicago in April is the biggest tease on earth.

The excitement following Rizzo’s walk-off single was way more invigorating than any part of the World Series celebration. Again, I think I expected more out of the Cubs considering they’re the team that does everything right nowadays. Was a flyover too much to ask for? Tell me you wouldn’t be a Cubs fan for like five seconds if they were dropping mini World Series trophies out of a Blackhawk helicopter.


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