We Need to Rewrite the Unwritten Rules

I consider myself a baseball purist of sorts. I maintain a nice balance of old school and new school ways of thinking, putting me in touch with both the old geezers and the young bucks. I can understand why some fans don’t want the game to change drastically. But what happened between the Diamondbacks and the Giants is something that needs to be exterminated from baseball.

I’m sure you’ve seen this post before from other publications or blogs. A post about how we need to rewrite the unwritten rules of baseball because they’re outdated and downright stupid. Yet we still have dinosaurs like Jeff Samardzija standing guard against any invaders that dare challenge his way of thinking when it comes to retaliation.

Buster Posey was domed unintentionally by Diamondbacks pitcher Taijuan Walker on Monday. Key word being ‘unintentional’ because no one would purposely through a hard round object directly at someone’s face at a Ferrari-like speed, save for a few shitheads. Although it seems to have been widely acknowledged by the Giants as a mistake and in no way malicious, Samardzija felt it was necessary to beam the Diamondbacks’ own star Paul Goldschmidt. Why? As any brain-dead baseball mind will tell you, “that’s just the way it goes.”

There are times for retaliation. Though very rare, brushing batters back with a high and tight fastball is more than sending a message, it’s a way to make the hitter think twice about sitting on that slider on the outside corner. But when you have pitchers like Samardzija, who isn’t known for his control, throwing at other players with the intent to hit them because an accidental injury occurred to one of his teammates, that’s when I change the channel (unless a brawl breaks out, then I’ll stay tuned).

So what happened? Nothing. Goldschmidt took his lumps, understanding the situation and trotted to first base. How fucking dumb is that? If I’m Goldschmidt, a gigantic human who can probably rip a phonebook in half, I’m running straight at self-proclaimed tough guy Jeff Samardzija and testing his reflexes with my fists. Goldschmidt doing nothing makes him as big a culprit in this as Samardzija. What if that ball had slipped and instead of hitting Goldschmidt in the tookus he was hit in the face? Now you have two superstars out for a period of time, one being domed accidentally and one on purpose. God knows, the MLB is doing just fine in popularity and doesn’t need all of it’s superstars to be as healthy as possible.

There’s a reason the unwritten rules were never written. Because they’re dumb.


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