Mookie Betts Prefers To Not Strike Out

Mookie Betts has not struck out since September of last year. As of Monday post-Patriot’s Day game, Mookie has had 122 plate appearances without a strikeout. In today’s game where everyone is throwing 100 MPH and making baseballs dance more than David Ross, that’s pretty decent.

What’s fascinating is that no other active player is particularly close to Betts in this category. The next closest to Betts is Jose Peraza and his strikeout-less streak sits at 43. When comparing that to Betts’ 122 this starts to sound like a Wayne Gretzky record.

Yet, Mookie isn’t even close to the actual record of 516 plate appearances by some geezer named Joe Sewell back in 1929. I’d like to see how many bunts old Joe laid down during that streak because 516 is a ridiculous number. I can’t think of anything besides breathing and eating that I could do 516 days in a row. If you told me to get out of bed 516 days in a row, I would have trouble with that. This record sounds fake, or at least doctored.


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