The MLB Might Make Umps Explain Their Calls

The MLB in considering giving umpires microphones in order to provide explanations to a call on the field after a video review. If this happens, it’ll probably be the worst decision ever made. Humans who officiate sporting events do not need to have the ability to speak into a microphone. The NFL has proven that again and again, as the only thing more distracting than Ed Hochuli’s muscles are the incoherent words that come out of his suckhole.

Why would they do this? Every other conversation about the NFL is how nobody knows the fucking rules. When a referee attempts to explain a catch it’s like listening to a two-year old trying to make words. Any explanation of the events that occurred almost always just adds fuel to the fire.

Refs and umps don’t want to explain their decisions, and they shouldn’t have to. If human error is going to continue to be part of baseball (and it will be until we get robot umps) then don’t force the poor guys to think through a call they made in a split second.

What could they possibly explain in most scenarios? “His foot hit the base before the ball got there, so he’s safe.” Man, now I feel better. So much for speeding up the game, because we need umpires to tell us why that stolen base doesn’t count.

I swear to God I feel like I’m dealing with the NHL lately. The MLB is so caught up in trying to emulate the NFL that it forgets to use common sense. If I have to hear Joe West explain to me why a ball was called foul, I might just start following cricket or something.


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