Khris Davis Likes To Visit a Cemetery Before Games, May Be a Ghost

In an article by Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, it was revealed that Khris Davis is kind of a fucking weirdo. Apparently Davis has a thing for visiting dead people that he doesn’t know, as he frequents a cemetery that has roughly 25,000 buried souls on its grounds.

Davis was quoted in the article, saying “It sounds weird, but it’s actually very peaceful. I feel like a cemetery is one of the richest places you can go.” Actually Khris, that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Once you’re dead, all your possessions go to family members or maybe charity if you didn’t like your family. Ever heard of a will?

I’ll admit I’m kind of a bitch when it comes to anything involving death. If I’m in a hospital I’m more likely to die of a panic attack than whatever I’m being treated for. When visiting grave sites I’m always 99% sure there’s a ghost standing next to me. So the fact that Davis goes there for tranquility is beyond insane to me.

How does he relax? I don’t think I’ve ever closed my eyes at a cemetery because I want to be ready when the ghosts get pissed at me for standing over their tombstones. The only logical explanation I can think of is that Davis is actually dead himself. And if that’s the case, let me be the first to say I welcome all openly paranormal spirits into baseball. Also, Khris, you were a keeper for me in my fantasy baseball league this year so no need to haunt me.


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