Ichiro Hit a Dinger Right After Mariners Fans Gave Him an Ovation

Everyone has heard the stories about how Ichiro could’ve hit 50 bombs every season if he really wanted to. Those stories are bullshit. Just my personal opinion, because more dingers means more money and if Ichiro didn’t figure that out after numerous season in America then he’s an idiot.

But that’s not why you called. You’re interested in this because immediately after Mariners fans gave Ichiro a standing ovation he proceeded to give a “yeah, you’re right I’m pretty awesome watch this” moment and hit a dong. That dong went about 381 feet, sneaking over the wall in what is surely as far as he can hit the ball nowadays.

Would’ve loved to have been in the minds of some Seattle players at that moment. It was a meaningless home run in a blowout game, but you’re on the field as your home crowd gives an ovation to an opposing player who just hit a home run. I wonder what Evan Marshall was feeling. He was just in for cleanup duty, meaning he’s probably near the bottom of the depth chart for relief pitchers on the Mariners. Wouldn’t have blamed him if the camera caught him saying “go fuck yourself” to the entire crowd.


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