Hey, Maybe Matt Davidson is Something

Matt Davidson came into 2017 as a former top prospect who simply couldn’t make enough contact to perform at the highest level. Though he has great power Davidson’s ability to make contact was right on par with our ability as humans to make contact with aliens. However, it seems Davidson is ready to shove that terrible metaphor right up my ass.

Sure, his BABIP is at an ungodly .556 so this is all going to come crashing down to earth eventually. But maybe it totally burn up in the atmosphere. Maybe because his contact rate is roughly 6% higher than it was during his cup of coffee with the Diamondbacks in 2013 is enough to say he can stick around and make some contributions when the White Sox are back on their feet in three to four seasons.

I mean, when has assuming things from an extremely small sample size ever hurt anyone? Never. Even if Davidson hits in the .230-.240 range, his power in that tiny ass ballpark is could translate into 30 dingers. If nothing else, he’s a young player under control until 2020 when he hits arbitration.

Then again, if his average falls below .200 before June I’ll probably delete this post.


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