Alright White Sox, That’s Enough of This Winning Crap

Hey, you. White Sox. Knock it off. Cut this winning shit out. If you haven’t realized it yet, your goal for this season is to be as bad as possible. If you’re not, this whole rebuild thing isn’t going to go so well. Just look to the North. You need top five drafts picks in order to get franchise-changing talent, and given your draft history you need a lot of them.

Twenty games into the season and the Sox are 11-9, good enough for first place in the seemingly terrible AL Central. Avisail Garcia and Matt Davidson are looking like the players they were supposed to be and Leury Garcia has somehow found the ability to hit baseballs. Guys like James Shields and Miguel Gonzalez have Cy Young-like numbers, and I’m about ready to jump off a bridge.

I have to keep reminding myself that we’ve only seen 12% of the season, which means the Sox still have the opportunity to be bad for 88% of the season. Sabermetrics aside, it still bothers me every time they walk off the field with a win. Every win they get is another step away from the top talent in the 2018 draft, players like Seth Beer who have the potential to become absolute monsters in the MLB.

I know they aren’t going to win the AL Central and I know they aren’t going to stay above .500. The problem is they might get to a point where being one of the five worst teams in baseball is no longer possible. What happens when Todd Frazier starts hitting dingers and Jose Abreu starts hitting anything? I can only hope that Shields and Gonzalez have either fallen off or been traded by then.

It’s a hard truth, and one that many disagree with. But at this point with the direction this organization has decided to go in, every win is a step backwards.


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