White Sox Farm Check

Just checking to see how the young crops are growing down on the farm for the White Sox…

Yoan Moncada .314/.385/.885

To go along with his impressive slash line, Moncada has accumulated 7 extra base hits, 4 of them home runs. He’s also added stolen 6 bases in 8 attempts. Less encouraging is that his strikeout rate remains high, striking out around 30% of the time. To put that into context, noted “go big or go home” slugger Yoenis Cespedes has a career strikeout rate of around 21%.

Lucas Giolito 6.63/1.53/2.09

That’s not an ERA/WHIP/K:BB line that you desire from your top pitching prospect. While Giolito is striking out enough people he’s walking way too many, over 5 batters per 9 innings. That’s actually the highest rate he’s ever walked people during his short career. To me, he continues to scream “reliever.”

Michael Kopech 2.50/1.28/2.00

We talked about Kopech and how he walks like, everyone, right here.

Reynaldo Lopez 4.10/1.40/2.00

Different guy, same story. A K:BB in the two’s isn’t what the White Sox traded for. Even though his production thus far hasn’t been the best he still might be the first guy from the crop of prospects the Sox acquired we see start a Major League game. His 5 walks per game are on the high end for him, so hopefully that comes down a touch and we see Coop work his “magic.”

Carson Fulmer 3.18/1.24/2.10

This is an encouraging line, especially considering the brief glimpse we got of Fulmer last season seemed to peg him as a future reliever. Hidden in this line is the fact that his strikeout rate is down, which can be taken to ways. Either he’s getting lucky and his stuff is less effective, or he’s simply a victim of a small early-season sample size. All the more reason someone needs to point me in the direction of minor league velocity and swing data.

Zack Collins .192/.362/.704

A 28% strikeout rate isn’t awesome, but before we freak out let’s take some solace in Collins’ OBP. He’s walking a ton, 20 times compared to his 26 strikeouts. This suggests the hits will soon follow as his pitch selection is clearly good enough to assume. He’s only in high-A ball right now, but I’m hoping he’s promoted to seeing better competition once he goes on a hot streak.

Zack Burdi 3.12/1.15/5.00

It’s super weird that the Sox have two top prospects not only named Zack but also spell their name Z-A-C-K…just wanted to get that out of the way. Anyways, when you draft a reliever in the first round you better be damn sure he’ll be dominant and an eventual high-leverage pitcher. He’s been just that, striking out almost 16 people per 9 innings. That’s Aroldis Chapman shit.

We’ll check in on other prospects later. Right now I’m busy with my actual job that makes me money…sort of.



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