Hardo Moves Were Very Prevalent Last Night

First it was this, Yasmani Grandal getting pissy because Johnny Cueto threw a pitch inside:

Grandal exhibits what it truly means to be a baseball hardo in this scenario. He didn’t care that Cueto threw a wild pitch to let the runner on third score, essentially handing him an RBI on a silver platter. No, he was more focused on the fact that Cueto missed his spot and that miss was close to his body. Then, after flying out to end the inning he becomes the toughest guy ever, shouting at Cueto from about 60 feet away, being sure someone is there to hold him back.

Then we had this gem. Kevin Pillar, possibly the least intimidating player on the baseball field at any given time, decided to yell a homophobic slur at Jason Motte after Motte K’d his ass. I’m sure Pillar will apologize and say he was mad at himself, but he’s wasn’t. Pillar was pissed because Motte didn’t have the decency to “throw him a fastball like a man” (not an actual quote but I guarantee he said something like this behind closed doors). As if Motte is under obligation to give him a fucking cockshot at least once in the at bat. Then, of course, a Jose Bautista bat flip made the Braves butthurt because the Braves are the constant gatekeepers of MLB unwritten rules.

Everyone in both of these scenarios can get fucked, except for Clayton Kershaw who simply continued to warm up as tempers flared because he knew most of the players involved were just being whiny bitches. Grandal is a coward. If he had an actual issue with Cueto, don’t shout at him from a distance while hiding behind your first base coach and waiting for the rest of your team to come out of the dugout. Same goes to Pillar. Maybe you shouldn’t swing at an offspeed pitch that’s seven feet out of the strike zone if you want that fastball you feel you’re owed.

I don’t feel that bench clearing brawls should be stricken from the game because of the violence. I want them gone because they rarely ever lead to actual violence. Benches clearing is usually just the result of someone getting offended on the baseball field, whether it’s because someone bettered them or they felt they were disrespectful. Either way, man the fuck up, take your lumps, and stop acting like you actually want to fight someone.


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