Ryan Pace…Where Art Thou?

It’s 8:24 AM.

I don’t expect Ryan Pace to address the media before I get to work, but by the time I leave the office at an unreasonably early hour I need to hear something from Mr. Pace. Otherwise we’re going to have an issue.

Pace is the type of person who plays Madden but doesn’t actually play the games. He just simulates the entire season and skips to free agent signings and draft day. That’s the vibe I’m getting right now with his General Management of the Bears.

Since taking over as GM he’s been a ghost during the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t know what the Bears’ record is. I understand that deep down he’s just a scout in a suit, but he has to at least act the part.

You don’t hear from GMs very often during the season, and maybe that’s part of a strategy to keep their jobs. But for as much as we blame John Fox for trying to coach like it’s 1993, this entire rebuild is still Ryan Pace’s baby.

It’s year three, and most of us are unconvinced that the talent he’s put on this roster is good enough to compete for the division. Maybe Trubisky changes that, but I need to hear why I should still believe things will turn around.

It’s now 8:39 AM. I leave early on Fridays, Ryan.


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