Well That Was Lovely, Despite the New Jerseys

This is the ultimate fan reaction post. You’ve been warned.

Nothing like starting the season by kicking some defending Stanley Cup champion ass. The Hawks ravaged the Penguins last night, putting up a Hamilton and giving the Bears a number to shoot for.

The Hawks looked like they were playing NHL ’18 on rookie. The Kane/Schmaltz/Hartman line was doing basically whatever it wanted throughout the game. If these guys are going to be a juggernaut all season I don’t think God himself can stop them from putting up three points per game (unless you consider a cheap shot to Nicky boy’s leg an act of God). Kane had two magical assists plus this bar down backhander that I don’t think I could repeat given a hundred chances, a tennis ball instead of a puck, and cement instead of ice.


And hey, welcome back Brandon. Way to set the bar high with a hat-trick in your first game back wearing the best jersey in sports. Quick side-bar: even though it’s still the best jersey in sports, Adidas should be sued for defamation of the Hawks jersey. The enhancement of the thickness of the collar is criminal and I will be taking them to court.

All the goals are great, but I do have a feeling the Penguins could’ve scored a lot more if they cared even a little bit. After the third goal I’m pretty sure they cashed it in, so I’m not convinced the defense played well despite giving up one goal. I need to whisper this so overly-optimistic Hawks fans don’t yell at me, but………….I think Connor Murphy might suck. Hope I’m wrong.

Still, if that’s what the Blackhawks are, I’m all for it. Winning games 6-5 is way more entertaining than winning games 2-1. I realize it’s not the most repeatable formula for winning hockey games in this era, but that back end doesn’t scream “shut down defense” to me. Give me all the goals.


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