Damnit Syracuse…

Hand up, I didn’t know there was a decent college football game going on until I saw Clemson trending on Twitter. Once I started watching I could immediately tell Syracuse was going to win because it had that upset feel to it. Now the only thing I can think about is how selfish Syracuse is.

Why couldn’t the Orange just roll over like they were supposed to? Now we may not get Alabama vs. Clemson Round 3, which I’ve been looking forward to since last season’s game ended. Enjoy your trip to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl you selfish pricks.

This just validates that schools like Syracuse and Northwestern only have sports to annoy us. They don’t have any actual fans because people in Chicago and New York already have plenty of teams to cheer for, so they bug us with sports media personalities like Mike Greenberg and upset legitimate National Championship contenders when nobody is watching on a Friday night.

One last thought. Why in the hell are we praising Dabo Sweeney for visiting the Syracuse locker room after the game and congratulating them on the win? Don’t we ridicule Mike Krzyzewski for the exact same thing when Duke gets upset? I’m done with this whole notion that the coach of a losing team who was heavily favored has to shake the hands of the victors in “private” as if they need that coach’s blessing. Kiss my ass Dabo.



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