This is What DeBrincat Needs to Not Do

There’s no denying Alex DeBrincat’s talent when it comes to creating offense, but if he wants to keep breathing normal breaths he can’t take hits like this. He’s a little fella, smaller than Patrick Kane. Like Kane he needs to learn how to not take these checks.

DeBrincat can’t afford to “take a hit to make a play.” He need to find ways to not take the hit while also making the play. Again, see Kane, Patrick. I need him to score cool goals and possess the puck often, not end up giving North Shore University Health System more advertisement than they paid for by becoming a gif.

He has to figure this out fast, otherwise the kid is going to disintegrate before he gets through his rookie season. Kane took his lumps early in his career but now knows his limitations when it comes to the physical part of the NHL. Hopefully DeBrincat can make the adjustment before he ends up in an iron lung.


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