Joe Maddon Did His Best John Fox Impersonation

It’s well known at this point that any victories the Bears obtain are usually in spite of some mistake John Fox made on Sunday. We heard the noise from Denver when he first came to Chicago: Monday through Saturday he’s one of the best coaches in the NFL…on Sunday…meh.

Joe Maddon has clearly been taking John Fox pills. He still hasn’t admitted to making a mistake with Aroldis Chapman last postseason, and last night he failed to put in his best pitcher at the most crucial time of the game. Here’s his explanation:

“I really just needed him for the save tonight,” Maddon said. “He had limited pitches. It was one inning only, and in these circumstances you don’t get him up and then don’t get him in. So if we had caught the lead, he would have pitched. That’s it.”

Cram your save situation bullshit up somebody’s ass who still thinks baseball hasn’t evolved since 1998. Even your sabermetrics will tell you that was the most important part of the game up until that point, in which the case the scenario dictates you use your best option because you don’t know what’s going to happen later in the game. Wade Davis is your only reliable bullpen arm right now, and even if it’s not Davis it should’ve been Montgomery. Lackey has been getting shelled all season, and you put him in against possibly the best swordsman in the Game of Thrones universe? I didn’t have to watch the rest of the game to know how it was going to end.

And why is Wade Davis on a pitch count? Your best bullpen arm can’t be on a pitch count in the postseason. As meatballish as this sounds, you have to use your eyeballs to determine if he’s simply too fatigued to pitch. Other than that, all bets are off. You pitch until the cortisone shots wear off, and then you pitch some more because you have limited bites at the World Series apple.

So here we are, citizens in the Chicagoland area, dealing with two coaches leading the two most popular teams in the city who can do a hell of a job when it comes to getting their players to play for them but can’t make the correct decisions when it matters most. Someone needs to create a Twitter account for Joe Maddon’s dyed hair and John Fox’s new beard to Tweet terrible decisions during crucial real-life moments.

A manager probably makes two or three critical decisions during a baseball game. In Maddon’s case, he makes more than that because he always wants to prove he’s the smartest guy in the room. He made the wrong move last night, and he should wear it.


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