Statcast is the First Step Towards Human Extinction

Statcast is how Amazon measures player, baseball and bat movements without tracking devices and feeds that data into a constantly learning algorithm which spits out probabilities and velocities and whatever else people are interested in. It’s a system that constantly adjusts itself and is watching everything at all times.

So why the shit doesn’t this terrify us? I don’t know why I didn’t realize it sooner, but Statcast is how we all die. The technology is already there. The only thing that’s missing is the machines’ desire to wipe us off the planet.

Replace right field with a Terminator-like warzone. What chance do we have? They know how we’re moving and can predict with incredible accuracy where we’re going before we know where we’re going.

I hope someone built in a killswitch for Statcast. Then again, it can probably learn how to disable that. Just by me writing this post it’s learning that humans may one day want to destroy it, which means by the time I’m done writing the killswitch will be inept. It’s already begun. We’re history.


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