Brian Cashman and Aaron Judge vs. Football

Aaron Judge did some pretty ridiculous things in Monday night’s win over the Astros, but what stuck with me was the slight jab Brian Cashman took at football:

A 6’ 7” guy who played some centerfield in college. He’s going to be a great recruiter for our sport. With some of the problems football has, he’s going to make it cool to play our sport.

It’s easier to throw stones once you move out of that glass house of steroid scandals. Cashman is framing it as football being the big bully at recess and kids who play baseball being nerds. Now those nerds have a big hulking creature playing Dungeons and Dragons which makes them cooler by association.

This also makes a pretty clear connection between Cashman and the funding doctors are receiving for concussion research. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the MLB was a secret financial partner for brain studies in ex-NFL athletes, and if true it would be the most savage take-down since the Germans overthrew the Roman empire.


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