Maddon Discredits Social Media, You, Reporters and Anyone Else Who Criticizes Him

Before the Cubs went on to lose their third straight game behind a manager that will never take criticism or admit that he made a mistake, Joe Maddon went to reporters and blasted the entire internet:

“I really hope that you all understand that social media doesn’t count at all,” Maddon said. “Twitter doesn’t count at all. And, really, as sportswriters you should do a better job than relying on Twitter to write a story, quite frankly.”

I think this solidifies that we can’t think of Maddon as our cool, hip uncle anymore. If he’s going to discredit anything that comes from social media, then he’s basically saying anything on the internet doesn’t count.

This is a classic technique for discrediting almost any negative attention. Blaming social media is the go-to for public personalities that want to divert the conversation away from the fact that they fucked up. I don’t think sportswriters were relying on social media to know that you didn’t put in your best pitcher during the most crucial point of a playoff game, Joe. This guy takes less credit for his mistakes than Brian Kelly.

I hope everyone realizes how big of a shot this is at you as a fan. Social media is just a platform for conversation. A lot of stupid conversation, yes, but by saying Maddon is getting criticized on social media the reporters are really saying he’s getting criticized by the public. With his quote Maddon is saying he couldn’t give two shits what the fan thinks because, once again, he’s the smartest baseball guy who has ever lived and the sooner we learn that he does nothing wrong the happier we’ll all be.


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