Bears Preview: Trubisky > Newton

Writing Bears previews are pretty simple these days. There’s only one player anyone gives a damn about. He wears #10 and already has the folks in Canton making room for his bust. Our boy Mitch has only thrown for 241 yards in two games, but as we know every quarterback has a finite amount of yards they can throw for in their career, so why would he waste those yards in a season that doesn’t matter? It’s just smart football.

Naturally the only thing worth breaking down in Bears games for the foreseeable future is how Trubisky stacks up against his counterpart. Cam Newton doesn’t provide much of a challenge as he’s pretty much a tight end that takes snaps, but we’ll go through the motions.

Here’s a good question…when is the last time you remember Cam Newton making a good throw from within the pocket? The answer is never, it’s never happened. Mitch has done it at least once, which is 100% better than Cam’s output. Sure, Cam’s stats may be better but he’s a product of the offense. It’s like batting cleanup in baseball, even if you suck you’re going to have good counting stats. You see, while Cam is worried about scoring fantasy points, Mitch is worried about winning football games.

It’s also not a stretch to say Mitch is already a better leader than Cam. You can just go by their numbers. Cam wears #1…pretty clear who he’s looking out for the most. Meanwhile, Mitch adds a zero after that one, which represents how gives zero fucks about #1 (himself), it’s all about the team.

So knowing that Mitch has the advantage and will be leading the Bears to victory, we have to start talking about the playoffs. Once he leads this team to an improbable divisional championship, do we start the “greatest Bears QB of all time” conversation? Because if so, I know which corner I’ll be in for that banter.


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