Blackhawks Fall in OT to the Edmonton McDavids

Connor McDavid is the greatest hockey player to ever live. If you’ve watched him play you know that’s not an overstatement. I’ve never seen the things he’s doing on the ice done before.

Last night the Oilers beat the Hawks 2-1 in OT. A wasted effort by Anton Forsberg is the story-line from the Hawks’ perspective, but from the McJesus perspective this is the takeaway:

I can actually hear Connor saying “nope” as he spins around at full speed with the puck while keeping it away from Duncan Keith who thought he was going to make a great play. This is the same Duncan Keith who is still a top ten, possibly top five defenseman by the way. Then in one motion he flips a perfect backhand no-look pass to his line mate who probably thanks his maker every day that he’s allowed to play with McDavid.

If you’re Keith, you made the perfect play in that situation. There was literally nothing else you could’ve done aside from trying to tackle McDavid, which he probably would’ve Bo Jacksoned his way out of anyways. Sure, Seabs could’ve been not bad at the moment the pass was made to prevent the goal, but if that graceful, ice-gliding beast of a child was skating next you I doubt you’d be worried about what you’re supposed to be doing at that moment. You’d be in awe of this genetic freak of pure hockey glory.


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