Chris Bosio Fired by Joe Maddon’s Hand

Earlier today we learned about the Cubs parting ways with pitching coach Chris Bosio. More details are emerging, with the latest being that the decision was Joe Maddon’s:

At his state-of-the-Cubs news conference Friday at Wrigley Field, President Theo Epstein was asked about the future of Joe Maddon‘s coaching staff.

“Rest assured Joe will have every coach back that he wants back,” Epstein said.

And, apparently, he will.

But Saturday the Cubs fired pitching coach Chris Bosio, a decision the manager actually made, a team source said.

Maddon’s relationship with Bosio had soured by the end of the season and given a chance to make a change, Maddon took it.

I don’t believe for a second that Maddon hadn’t planned this knowing Jake Arrieta wasn’t going to be with the team next year. Arrieta is Bosio’s baby as the pitching coach was instrumental in making Jake a relevant Major League pitcher again and then turning him into a Cy Young winner in 2015.

Maddon stinks of a ‘my guy’ kind of coach. The type that needs his guys on his coaching staff so he feels comfortable. Bosio has been with the Cubs since the Dale Sveum days, so as a coach that wasn’t hand-selected by Maddon, he was expendable.

My guess is if he hadn’t turned Arrieta around this would’ve happened after the 2015 season. Keeping Bosio around after that year may have been a product of him being the Arrieta whisperer, and obviously you’re not canning any staff after winning the World Series in 2016.

I’m a full-on Joe Maddon truther these days. I don’t buy that this decision wasn’t made before the season started barring a World Series repeat. Now Maddon will have no one to disagree with his incorrect and numerous pitching changes during the game.


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