Bears Recap: Things That Pissed Me Off

Welcome to Angry Bears Fan Sunday! It feels good to be back in this state of mind after years of not caring. Here’s what pissed me off:


Challenging the play-calling during an NFL is usually pointless. As fans, we don’t know what the actual call was on the field, what look the defense gave the offense and if the quarterback checked into something different. There are too many variables to consider to really know what’s going on. While I’m not calling for Dowell Loggains’ head, I do want an answer to why Trubisky took multiple seven step drops behind a porous offensive line. And then when that offensive line suffered multiple injuries, why did he continue to take long drops from center?

Really think about it: how often do you see quarterbacks taking the old school seven step drop anymore? When I saw it multiple times on Sunday coming from the Bears I was beyond confused. It doesn’t matter that Trubisky is athletic, it’s still going to take a couple seconds for him to get back to where the pocket is supposed to be, make a read and make a throw. Why do that with an inexperienced quarterback in front of a line that’s put together with tape and popsicle sticks? Are you expecting a rookie quarterback to not only make the right read, but make it while he’s dropping back from center? Because you shouldn’t. Give him a chance.


If you were a caller phoning into The Score post-game show blaming Ryan Pace for drafting Trubisky instead of DeShaun Watson, please leave my website. The two situations are not comparable. Watson has a better offensive line and is throwing to DeAndre Hopkins and Wil Fuller while Trubisky has not attempted a pass to an NFL wide receiver since he got the starting job. We also knew coming out of the draft that Watson was more polished. You don’t draft a quarterback in 2017 for what he’s going to do in 2017.

That being said, Mitch didn’t play all that well on Sunday. Just because we expect him to make mistakes doesn’t mean he should be devoid of criticism when those mistakes happen. On some of the wobbly passes from Trubisky I couldn’t tell if they were inaccurate or the receivers did something they shouldn’t have. Some of his throws were smart, just a touch off. He purposely threw the attempt to Shaheen in the endzone to his back shoulder and high because he was covered like a blanket. Smart throw, but you’d rather see him create something else instead of trying to make a Tom Brady pass. Then there were throws like the one to Tarik Cohen…over his head, you have to know who you’re throwing to. On the last drive, he had one throw that should’ve been picked because of his mistake and another that was intercepted because he threw overthrew McBride. There were bright moments like the dime to Miller and the showcase of mobility at times, but there was also a lot to forget


I don’t know what a catch is and neither do the referees. The problem here is that someone walked into an NFL boardroom and said “okay…here’s my question: what is the process of a catch?” As soon as that word “process” was uttered, it was all over. If you have eyes, you can tell that Zach Miller caught that great throw from Trubisky, kept possession even though his leg disintegrated and then let go of the ball on purpose because he had to make sure everything below his knee was still attached to his body. This isn’t the referees’ fault. This is the NFL’s fault. Why in the fuck was “a catch” turned into “the process of the catch”. It’s not a goddamn Tolkein novel. There doesn’t need to be a backstory to every action on the field.


Connor Barth is the worst kicker in the NFL. Even when he makes field goals they don’t look good. They get about twelve feet off the ground and sneak over the crossbar, even if he’s only 40 yards away. If you’re going to be a team built around defense and running the ball, you can’t have a shitty kicker. I’m not going to pretend to know what’s out on the street, but the Redskins signed a guy I’ve never heard of after their kicker got hurt and he looked way better in rainy conditions that Barth looked in a dome.


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