Should the Bears Be Shopping Jordan Howard?

Don’t @ me.

Or do, I need the traffic.

I usually don’t even consider trades to be a thing in the NFL because I feel like they never happen, especially in the middle of a season. But with all of the movement we’ve been seeing at the trade deadline, perhaps it’s time for the Bears to think about moving one of their best players while his value is at its highest.

Jordan Howard would be a useful piece to many teams that are making a push towards the playoffs. One team in particular is probably fielding phone calls about running backs considering their number one guy just got his six week suspension reinstated. Without Zeke, the Cowboys offense slows down dramatically. There’s never been a better time to capitalize.

I realize that trading away your best offensive piece on a squad that can barely move the ball as it is seems like a death sentence for your rookie quarterback. But if an injured Jay Ajayi can bring back a fourth round pick when the Eagles know that his knees won’t hold up much longer, exploring the market for Howard should at least happen.

It probably won’t happen. As far as John Fox is considered the Bears are in “win now” mode simply because he’s coaching for his job, but I can’t imagine Ryan Pace hasn’t at least considered this. Jordan Howard, while being your best offensive player, also plays the position that’s easiest to replace. The Bears need more talent on the offensive line and an entirely new wide receiving core. Sometimes you have to give to get.



  1. wow, another incredibly dumb article. You would think that when you start a new opinion blog, you would try to put your best foot forward.

    Apparently not.


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