What can I say about a baseball site that doesn’t know what it is? We consistently fall between serious breakdowns and satirical nonsense. Not quite smart enough to give extremely deep analysis but not quite funny enough to be 100% satirical. Traditional blog rules and Google SEO rankings tell us to pick a lane…but we don’t want to pick a goddamn lane so get off our backs you stupid robots.

We try to cover the most important stories of the baseball landscape, but we also have other full time jobs that might not allow us to get to every story, so give us a break, ok? You might say we’re old school because we’re not in it for the money.*

As far as baseball knowledge goes, we pretty much know it all. That’s what playing NCAA DIII college baseball gets you. All of our opinions are correct, even if they’re not backed up by real facts. Welcome to The Wheelhouse.

*Disclaimer: if we ever get popular enough we’ll totally be in it for the money.

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